HPE_18-12 HPE_18-12

hp engineers wishes you a creative 2018


Tondo Tondo

Tondo – bridge chamber of representatives

Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Ensorhuis Ensorhuis

hp engineers builds the Ensorhuis in Ostend

ism noAarchitecten

Gruuthuse Gruuthuse

noAarchitecten - The House of Lords of Gruuthuse, - former patrician residence

Renovation of the  electrical installation and lighting 

DSC08610 DSC08610

Crematorium Aalst

The underground trace of the air ducts comes to on end

20170117_140543 20170117_140543


Material village in Brussels

PP0128WAS-DG-Oriel PP0128WAS-DG-Oriel

Rue Washington

BOGDAN & VAN BROECK (Flemish architect) | Ney & Partners 


WBP in progress

Geothermal installation

vives 1 vives 1

hp engineers builds for VIVES

Construction of a campus building with commercial space and student residence

City Archives Sint-Niklaas

New city archive in collaboration with Robbrecht and Daem architects

IMG_20170109_132753 IMG_20170109_132753

Crematorium Aalst

Underground foundation and trace of air ducts